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Tesla is an American automotive and energy company, a Tesla company based in Palo Alto, California located in the United States of America. The company specializes in electric car manufacturing and SolarCity and also produces solar foil. It operates several production and assembly plants in a single company, primarily at Gigafactory and its main vehicle manufacturing facility at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. As of March 2019, Tesla sells Model S, Model X, and Model 3 cars. It is accepting reservations for Model Y, Roadster (2020), and Semi vehicles. Tesla also sells Powerwalls, PowerPacks, and Megapack batteries, solar panels, solar roof tiles, and some related products.

The Tesla company is named as a tribute to engineer Nicola Tesla.
Tesla was founded  in July 2003, after engineers Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpening named the company Tesla Motors. Tesla's mission is to accelerate Tesla's transition to sustainable energy

official anouncement

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in an extraordinary statement that all Tesla vehicles today can run "full self-driving" on highways and roads. They also said that today no car on the road can fully drive itself but Tesla did it.


Talking about Tesla car, Tesla Fully is a car with auto driving feature, its feature makes it an incomparable car.After all, what is the reason Tesla is a fully auto pilot car? Let's know first thing about its camera, it has eight surround cameras that provide 360 ​​degree visibility around the car in the range of 250 meters. Talking about its sensor, it has twelve updated ultrasonic sensors that complement this vision, allowing both hard and soft objects to be detected approximately twice the distance of the former system. A front-facing radar with advanced processing provides additional data about the world at a redundant wavelength that is capable of seeing through outdoor weather such as heavy rain, fog, dust and even cars.With the new Tesla Vision cameras, sensors and computing power, your Tesla will cross more complex roads with ease.With the enhanced summon, the Tesla car will comfortably navigate a more complex environment and parking space, maneuvering around the items needed to get anywhere in a parking lot.

To properly understand all types of data, Tesla runs the new Tesla-developed neural nets for computer vision, sonar, and radar processing software with a computing power of more than 40 times that of the previous generation. Together, the system gives the world a view that a driver cannot see alone, can see simultaneously in every direction, and go far beyond the human senses at the wavelength that is the reason.


In this, the safety of the autopilot is provided so that the driver's safety is not deceived. Introduces new features to the autopilot and improves existing functionality to make your Tesla safer and more capable over time. The autopilot keeps your car running within one lane of your car when needed and brakes faster. Can run at speedThe autopilot can also change lanes if needed, making it a top-level auto pilot, and adjusts so that you don't get stuck behind slower cars or trucks. When activated, navigating the autopilot will automatically drive your vehicle toward the highways and exit depending on your destination.

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