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Top 5 Hollywood movies of all time

If the first number talks, then the film comes Titanic. Titanic is a 1997 American epic romance and disaster film, directed, written, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron of Titanic Joe. Incorporating both historical and fictional aspects, the Titanic film is built on the basis of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the film's story follows Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes, Sick maiden falls in love with the ship during the voyage.

budget   -       $ 200 million.
box office-      $2.187 billion.
release date -  1 November 1997.
Directed by  -  James Cameron
Produced by - james cameron and Jon Landau
Written by -     James Cameron
 country   -      United State

2) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Now speaking of the second number, the much-loved film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is a 2003 fantasy adventure film directed by J. R. R Kia The film is based on the third…

top 5 ghost movie in hollywood


1) The conjuring 2

The most frightening thing about the Conjuring Movie is that this film is made by inspired by true events.The Conjuring 2 is a 2016 American supernatural horror film, directed by James Wan. The screenplay is by Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes, Vann and David Leslie Johnson. This is the sequel of The Conjuring(2013) which was Part 2 in 2016. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles as paranormal investigators and writers Ed and Lorraine Warren from the first film. The film follows Warrance during a trip to the UK to assist the Horsen family, who are facing polyturgist activity in their Enfield Council House in 1977, later known as the Enfield Polytists.2 Conjugated is a  horror film and is a sequel to the first film. The film is rated 17 because it is scary, not blood and gore. Fear is not fear for the heart and the nun is really scary.

2) The sixth senSe 

The Sixth Sense is a 1999 American supernatural horror drama film, m. Written…

top 5 best netflix movie

Speaking of first place, one and only is spider-man into the spider-verse, Which is an American computer-animated superhero film featuring Marvel Comics characters Miles Morales / Spider-Man, produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation in collaboration with Marvel, and distributed by Sony Picture Release . It features the voices of Shamik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailey Steinfeld, Mahershala Ali, Brian Tyree Henry, Lily Tomlin, Luna Lauren Velez, John Mullaney, Kimiko Glenn, Nicholas Cage and Liv Schreiber.Spider-Man may be in the midst of a Disney and Sony Power clash, but this ambitious animated film did not stop him from winning an Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 2019 Academy Awards. Using a variety of visual style options, the film tracks the adventures of Miles Morels (Shameek Moore), who discovers that he is not the only Spider-Man in town. In the film, Miles Morales connects the other Spider-Men from…

Phugtal Monastry, Wonder Place in India

Phugtal Monastery/wonder place in india
   India wonder placeLocation
Phugtala Monastery is a Buddhist monastery located in the remote Lungank Valley of southeastern Zanskar in the autonomous Himalayan region of Ladakh, northern India. It is the only Buddhist monastery in Ladakh that can only be visited on foot. Supply horses, donkeys, and mules are brought to the monastery in the warmer months, and in the frozen winter, they are transported through the frozen Zanskar River. However, for now, it is a day's walk from Dorzung, the road here ends at Padma.

Fukult attributes his legacy to the powerful and knowledgeable scholars and teachers inhabiting the Gompa cave around which the monastery is built, and for a long time, a place for yoga, meditation, learning, and teaching. This is reflected in its name Fukult, which is derived from Phukthal, which is derived from the 'cave' of Phuket meaning, and 'leisurely to Taal or Thal' in the endangered Zangaskari dialect of the…

Online study point - Tesla, Autopilot

Online study point-  TESLA CAR
introduction Tesla is an American automotive and energy company, a Tesla company based in Palo Alto, California located in the United States of America. The company specializes in electric car manufacturing and SolarCity and also produces solar foil. It operates several production and assembly plants in a single company, primarily at Gigafactory and its main vehicle manufacturing facility at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. As of March 2019, Tesla sells Model S, Model X, and Model 3 cars. It is accepting reservations for Model Y, Roadster (2020), and Semi vehicles. Tesla also sells Powerwalls, PowerPacks, and Megapack batteries, solar panels, solar roof tiles, and some related products.

The Tesla company is named as a tribute to engineer Nicola Tesla.
Tesla was founded  in July 2003, after engineers Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpening named the company Tesla Motors. Tesla's mission is to accelerate Tesla's transition to sustainable energy


Rise of fifth generation

FIFT GENERATION COMPUTER RISE OF 5th GENERATION Whatever the fifth generation computer we see in today's era, the credit goes to Japan, Japan's (MITI) department started it in 1982 to carry out this work in 1982, in which the computer Designed using parallel computing and logic programming correctly.Fifth generation computers have been developed based on parallel processing hardware and AI (artificial intelligence) software.The aim was to create an "epoch-making computer" with a supercomputer-like function and provide an important role for future developments in artificial intelligence. In computer science, Artificial Intelligence is very important role, Artificial Intelligence is the advancement to make computer like human being. Works on All types of high-level languages ​​such as C and C ++, Java, .Net etc. are used in this generation.

In the late 1990s to the late 1960s, there was much discussion about "generations" of computer hardware - usually "t…

Online study point- stay healthy

Online study pointSTAY HEALTHY BASIC Today, in the run-of-the-mill life, we are unable to take care of our body at all, this is the reason that our health is getting worse day by day. So friends, let's look closely at what is lacking that our body is becoming weaker and weaker. Nutrients in food enable cells in our body to perform their essential functions.So the first reason is food. Yes, it is almost the decision made by food, how is our health going to be?The food we eat gives our body a kind of fuel so that our body continues to function properly. A simple example of this is that if our vehicle runs with petrol but if we do not put petrol in it, then what will happen to our Vichikle in the same way our body also works. We should know what kind of food is needed for our body.follwing some tips from which you stay healthy.

1) NO TO JUNK FOOD Essentially any food that is highly processed is high in calories and low in nutrients. Junk food does not have a high qua…

Grand canyon national park ,Arizona

THE GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARKBEST TOURISM SITE IN USA. Located in northwestern Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Grand canyon National Park celebrated its 100th anniversary on 26 february. United States of America has placed it 15th in the categorie of National Parks. The park's central feature is the Grand Canyon, a gorge of the Colorado River, often considered one of the wonders of the world. The park, which covers 1,217,262 acres (1,901.972 sq mi; 4,926.08 km square) of unirrigated area in Kokino and Mohave counties, received more than six million recreational visitors in 2017, second only to Grand canyon USA if viewed from the landscape. The largest park has a count.

The "Grand Canyon" was officially encroached into a national park on February 26, 1919, in 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt visited the Grand Canyon and said: "The Grand Canyon fills me with awe. It is beyond compare Is - beyon…

Tech News - on online study point

     Rashmi,  Online study point

The good news for all Indians is that Ranjit Srivastava, who lives in Ranchi, has created a robot named Rashmi in the Indian version of a sophia.
After all, what is special is that this Rashmi robot came to know that Rashmi is a fully homanoid robot that makes it special. Some of Rashmi's special features like linguistic interpretation (LI), artificial intelligence (AI), visual DATA and facial recognition system are prominent. If you talk about language then Rashmi can speak Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Marathi.
CREATER OF RASHMI. Ranjit Srivastava travels from Ranchi. He got the inspiration to make Rashmi from Sophia Humanoid Robot When Ranjit saw Sophia in 2016, he thought that I would create a humanoid robot like this and the same happened as Ranjit based a robot based on Hong Kong's robot maker Who made him named Rashmi..A Master of Business Administration (MBA), Srivastava, who has over 15 years of expertise in software development, has develop…

Bermuda triangle on online study point


An area in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, which we also know by the Devil Triangle or Hurricane Triangle, is similar to the shape of a Triangle. The area around the Bermuda Triangle is one of the largest shipping lanes in the world. The surrounding area here is always in a busy sea way. If we look through the deep research and the books of the authors, then its total area is estimated between 1,300,000 to 3,900,000 Kilometer Square.

This area is popular for the mysterious disappearance of sea ships and planes, so far it has not been known how many planes and ships have disappeared, even scientists have not been able to properly uncover this mystery.

The unusual occurrence of shipwreck in the Bermuda area was first written by Edward van Winkle Jones on 18 September 1950 in his published article, The Miami Herald, and two years later in a magazine Mystery at our back door. Also written is the disappearance of planes and ships, which desc…

Amazon Rainforest on online study point

amazon rainforest on online study point
The amazon basin *
Amazon basin is the largest river basin in the world with 6,300,000 km square. it lies in south america.about two-third of the region lies in brazil and also occupies parts of peru,ecuador and is the world largest and thickest tropical evergreen or rainforest.the amazon is the second longest river in the world,next to river respect of the volume of water ,it is the world's biggest river.

the climate of the amazon rainforest is hot and humid.the area receives heavy rainfall throut the year due to its location in the equatorial region.the amazon basin is known for its rainforests. the trees here are very tall and thick. there are several layers of vegetation . the topmost layer of foliage is known as caopy. below this,there are two more layers of foliage consisting of shrubs and bushes.the forests are so dense that the sunlight hardly reaches the ground. this region has vast and varied species of…

chandrayan 2 on online study point

    Online study point        chandrayan - 2


     * Chandrayan 2 is an Indian lunar mission Chandrayan 2 presented a very big record to the world. Chandrayan 2 went to the south polar region of the moon. Its aim was to make the moon better before us. In a way, we can call the Chandrayan proud of India because it would be almost impossible to execute such a big mission at such a cost. Dekha jai, its total cost was about 978 crores which is a lot more work than any NASA space mission.

news and updates

This mission was successful only about 99 percent because as soon as the craft was about 2 km away from the moon, it lost contact with ISRO, this mission would have been successful 100 percent but this is the distance of 2km did not allow Vikram Lander to land on the moon. However, ISRO still says that Vikram is still a lander safe and he has a hard landing on the moon, due to lack of contact, the lander went 500 meters ahead of the target area. If seen, there is still some chanc…

How internet works on online study point

How does the internet work


    As you know, in today's world, we cannot live without internet. Internet is being used in such a big area that without this we cannot even imagine a digital daylight. So in this post we know in full detail how internet works. In less than 20 years, the Internet has expanded to connect approximately 210 different countries.


The machine that works to move the data of the computer from one place to another is called the same Internet. The machine that does the work of connecting, does not tamper with that data or message, they all form the same data. I see

The majority of the Internet runs on ordinary public telephone networks. The Internet is really nothing more than a wiring connection — metal wires, fiber-optic cables, and "wireless" wires, etc. Most of the Internet traffic runs just like Ethernet networking cables. .

  (IP, ISP, DNS and TCP)

There are millions of computers on the net, but not all of them do the same thing.…